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How to Use Your Facebook Messenger to Harness Your E-Commerce Sales

Are you selling on Facebook? To some webpreneurs, Facebook is a leading social media page. It is a place for sharing fake news, rumors, and memes on the current ideas. Others do not consider it as a relevant marketplace. If you are on this bandwagon, you’re headed to failure. The reality is Facebook is a significant marketplace that no serious webpreneur can ignore. Also, Facebook is leading in innovations which enhance your e-commerce selling affairs.

One of these innovations is Facebook Messenger. This App can transform your online business.  However, you may not have an idea of how a messenger can turn your virtual business tides. Certainly, it might be the reason for ignoring it. This article seeks to open up your eyes on how Facebook messenger can enable you to boost your e-commerce sales. Here are 3 ways:

Improving personalization in your online business

If you’re not new to the e-commerce sector, you can affirm that personalization is a leading trend. You need to personalize your offers to each customer. Also, you must understand individual’s needs to convert them into buyers. Particularly, when running a Facebook Shopify store, you need to engage each customer as individuals. With Facebook Messenger, you can realize this objective. The app allows you to chat with your customers as they continue perusing your page. Through this, you can suggest products and offer discounts to each of your customers. This way, you harness your personalization.

Selling through messenger with Shopify

Another good thing about messenger is the ability to integrate with your Shopify store. This aspect allows you to enable your customers to purchase products without living their chats. Through the option, you can walk with customers step by step until they complete their transaction. Hence, the combination boosts your e-commerce sales and harness your customer engagement.

A good way to offer reliable customer support

It is not a puppy game. Offering excellent customer support leads to harnessed sales. Customers will go to online stores where they are certain of receiving support from the beginning to the end of the purchase process. Also, you must be available to give a response to any questions before and after a sale. With Facebook Messenger, this goal is achievable. The app allows you to engage with both potential and future customers. You can understand their worries and needs. Also, if they need further support, they can easily reach you without requiring them to visit your site. Hence, you retain stable customer service and sales.

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