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3 Secrets of Attracting Visitors That Will Convert In Your Shopify Facebook Store

 Selling on Facebook is no longer a myth. With the evolvement of F-commerce, Facebook is ceasing being a social platform to a significant marketplace. Also, the online line competition is negating profits for webpreneurs focusing on their online stores as the sole selling points. Multichannel selling is becoming a necessity.

While having a Shopify Facebook store is one idea of harnessing the multichannel selling approach, things may not be working for you. Your store may be receiving a high number of visitors but limited conversions. You might be attracting a large audience and fail to turn them into buyers. If you are facing this in your store, here are 3 little-known secrets of attracting visitors who will become customers in your Facebook Shopify store:

Know your target customers

Who are you focusing on? When selling virtually, targeting everyone is a bad idea. It is certain that everyone is a customer. But not everyone is your customer. With this realization, it is crucial to know who you are targeting. For instance, you cannot be targeting writers and promoting your products on family planning groups. Also, you cannot promote your contraceptive business on accounting profession groups. Knowing your customers will give you an idea of where you can find them. lsoEven, you will know the right way to interact and share your message with them. This way, you will boost your sales levels through increased conversions.

Be available online

As you know, modern customers like making informed decisions. Even when you offer detailed product descriptions, a good percentage will have several questions before making purchase decisions. How well you fulfill this need will determine your sales level. In this regard, you must ensure you have a consistent online presence. Keeping update information and engaging your targets on the messenger can harness your conversions. As such, your online availability is essential when you want to achieve high conversions in your Shopify Facebook store.

Target groups in your niche

If you are selling jewelry, it is certain that promoting them on groups set up for jewelry sellers or customers will lead to selling. Promoting your products where potential customers spend their time is a secret to high conversions. You cannot make a sale by attracting potentials of a different product. So, when selling on Facebook, always focus on groups where it is easy to find customers for your products. Otherwise, selling will become a hard riddle in your business.

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